Executive Lunch Featuring Bengal
(Largest mangrove in the world)

Appetizers (Choice of One)

Soup of the day

Aloo Chop

Bengal potato cutlet

Chingri Posto

Shrimps cooked along poppy seeds

Sabu Salad

Tapioca pearls, beans sprouts, bell peppers, pomegranate, olive oil

Entrées (Choice of Two)

Lamb Kala Bhuna

Lamb cooked along onion and black pepper

Shorshe Maach

Seasonal fish marinated in mustard paste and coriander powder

Murgi Kabab

Chicken marinated in cumin, coriander and white vinegar

Saag Bhaji

Baby spinach cooked along garlic, turmeric and green chili

Shabnam Curry

Paneer, peas and mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Entrées are served with Peas Pulao, Till Naan and a Vegetable of the Day

Desserts (Choice of One)

Bhapa Doi

Traditional steamed yogurt

Krishna phal kulfi

Traditional kulfi


Beverage, Tax and Gratuity are additional

Appetizers (Choice of One)

Soup of the day

Rajasthani Sooley

Grilled lamb skewers marinated with garlic, olive oil, saffron


Bengal gram savory sponge cake

Avocado Salad

Avocado, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, onion, lime vinaigrette

Entrées (Choice of Two)

Goan Shrimp

Shrimp cooked with onion, tomato, mustard seeds and curry leaves

Mathaniya Murgh Tikka

Chicken marinated in hung yogurt, black salt, kasoori methi finish in a tandoor

Gatari Mutton

Lamb cubes cooked in roasted spices, onion, ginger garlic & yogurt sauce

Hariyali Soya Chaap

Soya chaap marinated with mint, cilantro and tandoori spices

Wangey Batata

Eggplant & spiced potato, garam masala cooked in onion tomato sauce

Entrées are served with Saffron Rice choice of Garlic Naan / Naan and Vegetable of the day / Dal Makhani

Desserts (Choice of One)

Strawberry Kulfi

Strawberry flavored famous Indian kulfi

Suji Halwa

Semolina, saffron, butter


Beverage, Tax and Gratuity are additional
To respect the privacy & comfort of all dining patrons, we practice a restricted entrance policy allowing children only above 8 years of age. This does not apply to our Outdoor Dining.

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